2015 Recap: Student Shaming, Plagiarism Detection, and a Shakespeare MOOC

For the past few years, I’ve been assembling my published digital work at the end of the year. Here are the previous years’ digests: 2012, 2013, and 2014.

2015 has brought lots of fascinating adventures. I started writing a column at the Chronicle and very quickly stopped writing a column at the Chronicle. Me and my husband were featured in Time magazine on my birthday when the U.S. legally recognized our marriage. I left my position at University of Wisconsin-Madison, moving my family cross-country. And I have settled into what is so far proving to be my dream job at University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA. (I seriously adore the folks I work with — if you’re looking for a job in edtech, we’ve currently got a position listed for an Online Learning and LMS Specialist).

And, beyond what I’ve written on my own blog, here is what I’ve been up to elsewhere on the web:

Chronicle Vitae

  1. 10 Things the Best Digital Teachers Do (w/ Sean Michael Morris)
  2. Who Controls Your Dissertation?

Educating Modern Learners
3. Learning is Not a Mechanism (republished on Hybrid Pedagogy)

HybridPod Podcast
4. Play in Education (w/ Chris Friend, Stephanie Vie, and Kyle Stedman)
5. The Twitter Essay (I recorded an audio version of this piece for HybridPod Replay)

Hybrid Pedagogy
6. The Course Hath No Bottom: the 20,000-Person Seminar
7. Twitter and the Locus of Research
8. I also wrote lots of announcements and discussion prompts over the year, but this one co-authored with Maha Bali is my personal favorite: Radical Pedagogies; Pedagogies of Care

Other Academic Journals and Publications
9. The Loveliness of Decay: Rotting Flesh, Literary Matter, and Dead Media in Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts
10. Hybrid in Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities from MLA Press

Teaching in Higher Ed. Podcast
11. Teaching with Twitter

12. Stand and Unfold Yourself: MOOCs, Networked Learning, and the Digital Humanities
13. Critical Digital Pedagogy
14. Open Door Classroom
15. Emergent Learning (w/ Amy Collier) (Video of this Joint Keynote)
16. Learning is Not a Mechanism

Other Keynotes and Talks
17. Innovation, Iteration, and Student Agency
18. Promoting Social Justice in Scholarly Journals

Shakespeare in Community
19. And, last but not least, my biggest project this year, a series of 20 short videos about Shakespeare that I produced for the Shakespeare MOOC I co-created for University of Wisconsin-Madison. The goal of the course was not to teach Shakespeare, but to read Shakespeare together with a global community. The discussion forums are now closed, but you can still view the course and read the article I wrote about creating the course. I’ll conclude with my personal favorite of the videos.

[Photo by Fio]

Jesse Stommel

Jesse Stommel

Jesse Stommel is faculty at University of Denver and founder of Hybrid Pedagogy. He teaches pedagogy, digital studies, and composition. He spends most of his time with his badass daughter, Hazel.

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