Curriculum Vitae

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Ph.D., English
University of Colorado Boulder
Dissertation: My dissertation focused on technology and disembodiment, analyzing an array of media texts that consider how physical bodies occupy and inhabit increasingly digital spaces.

M.A., English
University of Colorado Boulder

B.A. with Distinction (Summa Cum Laude), English
University of Colorado Boulder

Teaching and Research Interests

Higher education pedagogy, critical digital pedagogy, ungrading and assessment, composition, documentary film, new media, public humanities, scholarly publishing, games and game-making, horror, science fiction, queer rhetorics


Executive Director, Hybrid Pedagogy (2011 - present)

Teaching Assistant Professor, Writing Program, University of Denver (2021 - present)

Digital Learning Fellow and Senior Lecturer, Communication and Digital Studies, University of Mary Washington (2019 - 2021)

Executive Director, Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies, University of Mary Washington (2015 - 2019)

Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts and Applied Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2013 - 2015)

Assistant Professor, English and Digital Humanities, Marylhurst University (2011 - 2013)

Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow, Georgia Institute of Technology (2010 - 2011)

Graduate Instructor, University of Colorado Boulder (2001 - 2010)

Instructor, Colorado Community Colleges Online (2007 - 2010)

Faculty Council Administrator, University of Colorado System (2007 - 2008)

Lead Graduate Teacher, Department of English, University of Colorado Boulder (2003 - 2005)

Teaching Assistant, University of Colorado Boulder (1999)

Selected Honors and Awards

Higher Education Pedagogy Fellow, Hope Center for College Community and Justice, Temple University (2021 - 2022)

Visiting Fellow, Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning, University of Warwick (2017)

Coordinator for Mellon-funded Workshop, “Digital Humanities + Art,” Center for Humanities, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2014 - 2016)

Media Literacy Award, National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), Spearheaded application for award won by the Writing and Communication Program at Georgia Tech (2011)

Brittain Postdoctoral Fellowship, Georgia Institute of Technology (2010 - 2011)

Marinus Smith Teaching Award, Parents Association, University of Colorado Boulder (2009)

Graduate Teaching Excellence Award, University of Colorado Boulder, (2004)

Selected Publications


Undoing the Grade: Why We Grade, and How to Stop. Hybrid Pedagogy Inc. (2023)

Critical Digital Pedagogy: A Collection. Eds. Jesse Stommel, Chris Friend, and Sean Michael Morris. Hybrid Pedagogy Inc. (2020)

An Urgency of Teachers: the Work of Critical Digital Pedagogy. With Sean Michael Morris. Hybrid Pedagogy Inc. (2018)

Disrupting the Digital Humanities. Eds. Dorothy Kim and Jesse Stommel. Punctum Books (2018)

Articles and Book Chapters:

"Bad Data Are Not Better Than No Data: A Guide for Radically Inserting Ourselves in Decisions about Educational Technologies." With Martha Fay Burtis. Academe Vol. 110.1 (2024)

“Do We Need the Word ‘Ungrading’?” Zeal: A Journal for the Liberal Arts Vol. 1.2 (2023)

“An Introduction to Critical Digital Pedagogy.” Policy Insights: The Digitalization of Education. Network for International Policies and Cooperation in Education and Training (NORRAG) in collaboration with the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education (2022)

“Rethinking Social Knowledge Creation in the Liberal Arts: The History and Future of Domain of One’s Own.” With Martha Burtis, Nigel Haarstad, Jess Reingold, Kris Shaffer, Lee Skallerup Bessette, and Sean Michael Morris. Social Knowledge Creation in the Humanities (Volume 2). Ed. Aaron Mauro. University of Chicago Press (2022)

"Foreword." Resilient Pedagogy: practical teaching strategies to overcome distance, disruption, and distraction. Utah State University (2021)

“How to Ungrade.” Ungrading: Rewarded by Learning. Ed. Susan D. Blum. West Virginia University Press (2020)

"Designing for Care: Hybrid Pedagogy in the Time of COVID-19." UNESCO MGIEP's The Blue Dot Issue 12 (2020)

"Care is a Practice; Care is Pedagogical." Academe Vol 106.4 (2020)

"Love and Other Data Assets." Against the Grain Vol 32, Issue 2 (2020)

“Hybrid.” With Sean Michael Morris. Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities. Eds. Rebecca Frost Davis, Matthew Gold, Katherine Harris, and Jentery Sayers. MLA Press (2020)

“The Human Work of Higher Education Pedagogy." Academe Vol. 106.1 (2020)

“Starting with the Student: Openness as the Essence of Course Design.” With Robin DeRosa and Christopher R. Friend. Doing Digital Humanities 2. Eds. Constance Crompton, Richard J. Lane, and Ray Siemens. Routledge (2019)

“Open Education as Resistance: MOOCs and Critical Pedagogy.” With Sean Michael Morris. MOOCs and Their Afterlives: Experiments in Scale and Access in Higher Education. Ed. Elizabeth Losh. University of Chicago Press (2017)

“Desiring Machines: Zombies, Automata, and Cormac McCarthy’s The Road.” The Written Dead: The Zombie as a Literary Phenomenon. McFarland Books (2017)

“Winona Ryder and the Internet of Things.” Educause Review (2016)

“Writing at Scale: Composition MOOCs and Digital Writing Communities.” With Chris Friend and Sean Michael Morris. Applied Pedagogies: Strategies for Online Writing Instruction. University of Colorado Press (2016)

“The Course as Container: Distributed Learning and the MOOC.” With Sean Michael Morris. Global Innovation of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. Springer (2015)

“The Loveliness of Decay: Rotting Flesh, Literary Matter, and Dead Media.” Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts Vol. 25.2-3 (2014)

“Monsters that Matter: Things that Rise in the Contemporary Zombie Film.” Unnatural Reproductions and Monstrosity: The Birth of the Monster in Literature, Film, and Media. Eds. Brandy Schillace and Andrea Wood. Cambria Press (2014)

“A Kaleidoscope of Variables: The Complex Nature of Online Education in Composition Courses.” With Christopher R. Friend and Sean Michael Morris. Critical Examinations of Distance Education Transformation Across Disciplines. IGI Global (2014)

“When the Zombie Looks: The Human Being Undone in George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead.” Bright Lights Film Journal Vol. 81 (2013)

“Toward a Zombie Pedagogy: Embodied Teaching and the Student 2.0.” Zombies in the Academy: Living Death in Higher Education. Eds. Andrew Whelan, Chris Moore, and Ruth Walker. University of Chicago Press (2013)

“Something that Festers: Silence of the Lambs, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and the Visual Pleasures of Horror.” Bright Lights Film Journal Vol. 71 (2011)

“I’m Not a Dead Body; I Just Play One on TV: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Performativity of the Corpse.” Slayage: The Journal of the Whedon Studies Association Vol. 8.1 (2010)

“The Dead Things We Already Are: Pod People, Body Snatching, and the Horrors of Business as Usual.” Bright Lights Film Journal Vol. 66 (2009)

“‘Pity Poor Flesh’: Terrible Bodies in the Films of Carpenter, Cronenberg, and Romero.” Bright Lights Film Journal Vol. 56 (2007)

Electronic Publications:

Director, Founder, and Contributor. Hybrid Pedagogy: an open-access journal of learning, teaching, and technology (2011 - present)

“Grades are Dehumanizing; ’Ungrading’ is No Simple Solution.” Times Higher Education (2021)

"Teaching the Students We Have, Not the Students We Wish We Had." With Sarah Goldrick-Rab. The Chronicle of Higher Education (2019)

“A Guide for Resisting Edtech: the Case Against Turnitin.” With Sean Michael Morris. Digital Humanities Now Editor’s Choice (2017)

“Interactive Criticism and the Embodied Digital Humanities.” Digital Humanities Now Editor’s Choice (2016)

“Collaborative and Public Writing Techniques for Google Docs.” With Charlotte Frost. Digital Humanities Now Editor’s Choice (2013)

“Decoding Digital Pedagogy: (Un)mapping the Terrain.” Digital Humanities Now Editor’s Choice (2013)

“On the Deformation of New Media Citation Practices.” Digital Humanities Now Editor’s Choice (2012)

“The March of the MOOCs: Monstrous Open Online Courses.” Digital Humanities Now Editor’s Choice (2012)

“The Four Noble Virtues of Digital Media Citation.” With Pete Rorabaugh. Digital Humanities Now Editor’s Choice (2012)

Selected Media Appearances

Should Schools Ban ChatGPT or Embrace Technology Instead?New Scientist (2023)

Inside the Post-ChatGPT Scramble to Create AI Essay Detectors.Times Higher Education (2023)

The Attendance Conundrum.Chronicle of Higher Education (2022)

"Is Online Test-Monitoring Here to Stay?" The New Yorker (2021)

"The Problem With Venting About Your Students." The Chronicle of Higher Education (2021)

"Academics fret as Turnitin nears monopoly on plagiarism checks." Times Higher Education (2021)

"Does the rise of AI spell the end of education?" Times Higher Education (2021)

"Pass/Fair Grading Was an Act of Pandemic Compassion. Is it Here to Stay?" EdSurge (2021)

"Cheating-detection companies made millions during the pandemic. Now students are fighting back." The Washington Post (2020)

"Colleges flock to online proctors, but equity concerns remain." Education Dive (2020)

"Pushback Is Growing Against Automated Proctoring Services. But So Is Their Use." Edsurge (2020)

"US colleges adopt pass-fail rules, stirring wider reform." Times Higher Education (2020)

"Chemistry educators try 'ungrading' techniques to help students learn." Chemical & Engineering News (2020)

"As Times and Students Change, Can Faculty Change, Too?" Inside Higher Ed (2020)

"To Grade or Not to Grade? During Coronavirus, That is the Question." EdSurge (2020)

"How colleges with hybrid instruction can support online students this fall." Education Dive (2020)

"'On a Desert Island With Your Students': Professors Discuss the Weirdness of Teaching Remotely in a Pandemic." Chronicle of Higher Education (2020)

"Teaching Intelligence: how to ensure assessment isn't overlooked." Times Higher Education (2020)

"Do edtech apps keep student data safe?" Times Higher Education (2020)

"Forget Grades and Turnitin. Start Trusting Students." Chronicle of Higher Education (2019)

“What is Critical Pedagogy and Why Does Higher Ed Need It?” Edsurge (2019)

"Grades Can Hinder Learning. What Should Professors Use Instead?" Chronicle of Higher Education (2019)

“When Grading Less is More.” Inside Higher Ed (2019)

"£1.3 billion Turnitin sale spotlights intellectual property fears." Times Higher Education (2019)

"A California high school found students' cellphones too distracting, so they're locking the devices up." NBC News (2019)

“Professors Share: The Moment That Changed the Way I Teach.” Chronicle of Higher Education (2019)

"Discussion Boards: Valuable? Overused? Discuss." Inside Higher Education (2019)

“Can ‘Microscholarships’ Steer Student Behavior?” Chronicle of Higher Education (2019)

"Does university assessment still pass muster?" Times Higher Education (2019)

“One Way to Show Students You Care — and Why You Might Want to Try It.” Chronicle of Higher Education (2018)

“Laptops And Phones In The Classroom: Yea, Nay Or A Third Way?” NPR (2018)

“Professors Are Talking About Students’ Dead Grandparents Again.” Chronicle of Higher Education (2018)

“Battle over college course material is a textbook example of technological change.” The Washington Post (2018)

“Recapping the Year in Digital Learning.” Inside Higher Ed (2017)

“2 Years to Get a Humanities Essay Published? Not Anymore.” PC Magazine (2017)

“Anti Turnitin Manifesto Calls for Resistance to Some Technology in the Digital Age." Inside Higher Ed (2017)

“Jesse Stommel: The One-Room Schoolhouse for a Digital Age.” Profile by Howard Rheingold. Connected Learning (2016)

“Here Are 15 Indispensable Academic Twitter Accounts.” Chronicle of Higher Education (2016)

“The Trouble with Tenure.” Isthmus (2016)

"How Students and Faculty Think Critically With Medium." EdSurge (2016)

“Don't Dismiss Those Tweets as Frivolous.” University of the Air. Wisconsin Public Radio (2014)

“Horror Film and the Body.” University Place Presents. Wisconsin Public Television (2014)

“Online Learning: Pedagogy, Technology, and Opening Higher Ed.” Guardian Higher Education Network (2012)

Keynotes and Plenaries

“Designing for Care: Inclusive Digital Pedagogies.” TAP Into Learning Conference. AIMS Community College (2023)

“Ungrading and Alternative Approaches to Assessment.” Spring Perspectives on Teaching Conference. Western University (2022)

“Why Can’t We Be Friends: the Tension and Opportunity in Faculty Relations with Edtech” ASU + GSV (2022)

“The Pressure to Cheat: Understanding Why It Happens, and What Can Be Done to Prevent It.” Rising Together: Effective Assessment for Students and Teachers (2022)

“Exploring Ungrading for Inclusion.” AHEAD 2022 Conference (2022)

“Ungrading.” Shift Pop-up. Halton District School Board. Ontario (2021)

"Designing for Care: Inclusive and Adaptive Digital Pedagogies." eLearning Academy. Community Colleges of Spokane (2021)

"Designing for Care: From Policy to Pedagogy. A conversation with Sara Goldrick-Rab and Jesse Stommel." Course Hero Education Summit (2021)

"Inclusive Pedagogies for Hybrid and Face-to-Face Learning." Academic Retreat: Reflection and Resilience. Vermont State Colleges System (2021)

"Designing for Care: Building Inclusive Learning Spaces." Summer Faculty Institute. Northern Kentucky University (2021)

"The Human Work of Critical Digital Pedagogy." Conference on Instruction and Technology. State University of New York (2021)

"Designing for Care: Building Learning Communities Online." Disruptive Education Symposium. University of California Riverside (2021)

"Designing for Care." Inspired Teaching Conference. Mt. San Antonio College (2021)

"Designing for Care: Inclusive and Adaptive Digital Pedagogies." The Teaching Professor Conference. New Orleans, LA (2021)

"Critical Digital Pedagogy: Inclusive Design for Online and Face-to-Face Learning." Symposium for Teaching with Technoogy. University of Chicago (2021)

"Love and Other Data Assets: Inclusive Open Pedagogies." Teacher Librarian Day 2021. Metropolitan State University of Denver (2021)

"Designing for Care: Inclusive Pedagogies for Online Learning." Inclusive Learning in Higher Education Symposium. NUI Galway. Ireland (2021)

"Designing for Care and Embracing Ungrading." Institute for Humanities Research. Arizona State University (2021)

"Against Surveillance: Civil Disobedience and Critical Edtech." Teach-in Against Surveillance (2020)

"Hybrid Pedagogy: a panel discussion with Audrey Watters, Sean Michael Morris, and Jesse Stommel." Emory University (2020)

"Digitizing Systems for the Classroom: Creating Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Learning." Transforming Crisis into Critical Opportunity. Amarillo College (2020)

"Start by Trusting Students: Inclusive Pedagogies in Moments of Crisis." Teaching and Learning Symposium. University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2020)

"Not Taking Bad Advice: a Pedagogical Model." Digital Pedagogy Lab. Denver, CO (2020)

“Critical Digital Pedagogy.” Community Colleges of Ontario Presidents’ Retreat. Niagara, Toronto, Canada (2019)

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“An Urgency of Teachers: the Work of Critical Digital Pedagogy.” With Sean Michael Morris. Innovative Education Colorado. Keystone, CO (2019)

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“Building an Inclusive Campus.” Summer Teaching and Learning Institute. Grand View University. Des Moines, IA (2019)

“Designing Assignments, Redesigning Assessment.” IDEAL Assignment Design Institute. University of Iowa. Iowa City, IA (2019)

“Teaching from a Place of Compassion.” NEXT 2019. Akron, OH (2019)

“An Urgency of Teachers.” With Sean Michael Morris. DREAM 2019. Long Beach, CA (2019)

“How to Ungrade.” Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Conference. West Chester University. West Chester, PA (2019)

“Radical Openness.” Enterprising Culture. Canadian Film Centre. Toronto, Canada (2019)

“Ethical Online Learning.” Exploring Digital Pedagogy in Education. Open University. Milton Keynes, England (2018)

“Teaching as Empathy.” Rethinq Conference. University of Colorado Denver (2018)

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“Small Scale Digital Pedagogy.” THATCamp NOVA. Annandale, Virginia (2016)

“On This Unworthy Scaffold: Student Agency and the Learning Management System.” MAGIC Conference. Fredericksburg, VA (2016)

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“Innovation, Iteration, and Student Agency.” Ozark's Technical Community College Innovation Showcase. Springfield, MO (2015)

“Open Door Classroom.” University of New Hampshire Academic Technology Institute. Manchester, NH (2015)

“Emergent Learning.” With Amy Collier. Digital Pedagogy Lab. Madison, WI (2015)

“The Future of Storytelling.” Plenary Panel. UW Writer’s Institute. Madison, WI (2015)

“Digital Activism: Using Networks to Build Inclusive Community.” Wisconsin and Midwest Women’s and Gender Studies Conference. River Falls, WI (2014)

“Sharing Our Creative Work: Tools for Building an Audience.” School of the Arts at Rhinelander, WI (2014)

“Zombie Pedagogies: Embodied Learning in the Digital Age.” The Higher Education Academy Arts and Humanities Conference. Manchester, England (2014)

“Rewriting the Syllabus: Examining New Hybrid and Online Pedagogies.” The Teaching with Technology Symposium. University of Colorado Boulder (2014)

“Critical Pedagogy, Organic Writing, and the Changing Nature of Scholarship.” Critical Ink: The Thompson Writing Program Annual Conference. Duke University (2014)

“Digital Pedagogy for Non-traditional Students.” University of Wisconsin-Waukesha Day of Development (2014)

Selected Invited Talks and Workshops

“Ungrading and Alternative Assessment.” Top Hat’s Higher Learnings Webinar Series (2023)

“Pedagogies of Care.” Ungrading Tech Tuesday. Transylvania University (2023)

“Pedagogies of Care.” Macaulay Honors College. City University of New York (2023)

“Pedagogies of Care.” Professional Development Day. Florida State College Jacksonville (2023)

“Designing for Care: Inclusive Digital Pedagogies.” Shutz Lecture Series. University of Missouri-Kansas City (2022)

“Pedagogies of Care.” Annual Faculty Retreat. Fort Lewis College (2022)

“Ungrading and Alternative Assessment.” Course Design Institute. Mesa Community College (2022)

“Contemporary Digital Pedagogies.” Emerging Challenges in Safeguarding Academic Integrity. Council of Europe (2022)

“Ungrading and Alternative Assessment.” Colorado College (2022)

“Ungrading and Alternative Approaches to Assessment.” All Faculty Professional Development. Olds College (2022)

“Ungrading and Alternative Assessment: an Interactive Workshop.” Transformative Learning in the Humanities. City University of New York (2022)

“Ungrading for Equity.” Innovative Pedagogy Speaker Series. Heartland Community College (2022)

“Ungrading.” Howard Hughes Medical Institute (2022)

"Ungrading as Critical Pedagogy: Transforming Assessment and Privileging Student Voices." Northeastern Illinois University (2021)

"Ungrading." Simulating Industry Practice and the Path to Uninstitutionalising. Swinburne Institute of Technology (2021)

"Designing Authentic Assessments." Course Design Institute Series. Grand Valley State University (2021)

"Inclusive Pedagogies for Hybrid and Face-to-Face Learning." Workshop. Course Hero Education Summit (2021)

"Start by Trusting Students: Designing for Care without Surveillance Tech." Building for a Flexible Future Learning Day. Okanagan College. Canada (2021)

"Who's Passing? Who's Failing? An Honest Conversation About Academic Integrity." Course Hero (2021)

"Why Ungrade? Why Grade? Un-grading Strategies and Practices." A Panel with Susan Blum and Clarissa Sorensen-Unruh. Wofford College (2021)

"Ungrading." Teaching and Learning Institute. Ursinus College. Collegeville, PA (2020)

"Designing for Care: Building Inclusive Communities Online." Center for Innovations in Teaching and Learning. University of California Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz, CA (2020)

"Building Community in Hybrid and Online Courses." Eykamp Center for Teaching Excellence. University of Evansville. Evansville, IN (2020)

"How to Build an Online Learning Community: 6 Theses." University Innovation Alliance Spring Convening (2020)

“Introduction to Digital Pedagogy.” Ryerson University. Toronto, Ontario (2018)

“Critical Digital Pedagogy.” University of Warwick. England (2017)

“Cogs and Pinions: Obedience and Critical Digital Pedagogy.” University of North Texas. Denton, TX (2017)

“Graduate Training in 21st Century Pedagogy.” University of Delaware (2016)

“Designing Pedagogy with Emergent Outcomes: a Design Thinking Workshop.” Guilford College (2016)

“Critical Pedagogy and Digital Praxis in the Humanities.” With Chris Friend. Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI). Victoria, Canada (2016)

“Digital Humanities and the Future of Scholarship: Exclusivity, Disruption, and Leading from the Margins.” Institute for the Humanities Digital Currents Lecture Series. University of Michigan (2016)

“A Cacophony of Voices: Agency and Digital Pedagogy.” Winona State University (2015)

“Digital Pedagogy and Networked Learning.” With Lee Skallerup-Bessette. Humanities Intensive Learning and Teaching (HILT). Indianapolis, IN (2015)

“Engaging New Publics.” Digital Humanities + Art: Going Public Symposium. University of Wisconsin-Madison (2015)

“Making and Breaking in the Digital Humanities: Non-traditional Pedagogies for Community College Students.” Doing Digital Humanities at the Community College. NEH Advanced Topics Institute. Eugene, OR (2015)

“Digital Humanities Assignment Design.” Summer Faculty Institute. University of Delaware (2015)

“Digital Tools for Collaborative Writing.” With Sean Michael Morris. UW Writer’s Institute. Madison, WI (2015)

“Critical Digital Pedagogy.” Stanford University (2015)

“12 Steps for Designing an Assignment with Emergent Outcomes.” University of the Pacific (2015)

“Stand and Unfold Yourself: MOOCs, Networked Learning, and the Digital Humanities.” Disruptive Digital Humanities. George Washington University (2015)

“Developing Innovative Learning and Teaching Practices.” Lasalle College of the Arts. Singapore (2014)

“Critical Pedagogy and the Digital Humanities.” Lewis and Clark College (2014)

“Net Neutrality and Academic Freedom.” WISCAPE Panel. University of Wisconsin-Madison (2014)

“New Form Scholarship and the Public Digital Humanities.” Public Humanities Seminar. University of Wisconsin-Madison (2014)

“Digital Humanities: Across Disciplines, Across Campus.” Center for Educational Technology & Innovation Workshop. Carroll University (2013)

“DH+A: Data in the Humanities plus Art.” Wisconsin Institute for Discovery Symposium. University of Wisconsin-Madison (2013)

“Digital Pedagogy, Play, and Mass Collaboration.” Workshop for GreaterThanGames Lab and PhD Lab. John Hope Franklins Humanities Institute. Duke University (2012)

Selected Conference Presentations

Teaching, Pedagogy, and Higher Education

“An Urgency of Teachers: Education as Activism.” Association of American Colleges & Universities. Washington D.C. (2018)

“If bell hooks Made a Learning Management System: Grades, Radical Openness, and Domain of One’s Own.” Domains 17. Oklahoma City, OK (2017)

“Disrupting DH, Dissident DH.” American Studies Association. Chicago, IL (2017)

“Curating Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities.” Modern Language Association. Austin, TX (2016)

“This is Not a Journal: Publishing as Pedagogy.” Babel Working Group Biennial Meeting. Toronto, Canada (2016)

“Digital Pedagogy: a Genealogy.” Modern Language Association. Vancouver (2015)

“Digital Pedagogy for History: Lightning Round.” American Historical Association. New York City. (2015)

“Digital Pedagogy is about Breaking Stuff.” Digital Humanities 2014. (2014)

“Right Leaders of Wrong: A Revolution in Higher Eduction.” Modern Language Association. Chicago, IL (2014)

“Toward a New Hybrid Pedagogy: Embodiment and Learning in the Classroom 2.0.” Modern Language Association. Boston, MA (2013)

“Toward a Zombie Pedagogy: Embodied Teaching and the Student 2.0.” Panel Organizer: “Web 2.0, Literature 2.0, Students 2.0.” AAUP Conference on the State of Higher Ed. D.C. (2010)

Literature, Film, and New Media:

“Disrupting the Digital Humanities: New Radical Publics.” Modern Language Association. Austin, TX (2016)

“Disrupting the Digital Humanities.” Modern Language Association. Vancouver (2015)

“The Twitter-verse as Virtual World: Selves and Landscapes in the Textual Interface.” Computers and Writing. Pullman, WA (2014)

“Toward an Interactive Criticism: House of Leaves as Haptic Interface.” The Louisville Conference. KY (2014)

“Dust and Guts: Matter and Affect in Mark Z. Danielewski's House of Leaves.” Science Fiction Division. International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts Annual Conference. Orlando, FL (2012)

“The Traumas of the Interactive Text.” Game Studies, Culture, Play, and Practice Division. Pop Culture Association/American Culture Association National Conference. San Antonio, TX (2011)

“The Rotting Dead and Other Literary Matter that Teems.” International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts Annual Conference. Orlando, FL (2011)

“Camera Mortua: Reflections on Photography, the Other, and Zombification.” Center for Humanities and the Arts Colloquium. University of Colorado-Boulder (2006)

Courses Taught

University of Denver (2021 - present)

WRIT 1122: Rhetoric and Academic Writing (Horror)
WRIT 1133: Writing and Research (Indie RPGs)
WRIT 2650: Digital Rhetorics

Athabasca University (2021)

Reimagining Assessment (Summer faculty development course)

University of Mary Washington (2015 - present)

Higher Education Pedagogy (year-long faculty development course)
Digital Knowledge (year-long faculty development course)
ENGL 245: Intro. to Cinema Studies
DGST 101: Intro. to Digital Studies
DGST 301: Digital Journal
DGST 370: Digital Documentary
DGST 395: Applied Digital Studies

Digital Pedagogy Lab (2015 - 2021)

Social Justice and the Curriculum
Radical Assessment and Ungrading
Writing about Teaching
Introduction to Critical Digital Pedagogy
Networked Literacies
Pedagogical Praxis

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Liberal Arts and Applied Studies (2013 - 2015)

Shakespeare in Community
Shakespeare at 450
Digital Storytelling

Marylhurst University, English and Digital Humanities (2011 - 2013)

LIT 490: Social Media Campaign for the E-lit Showcase at the Library of Congress
LIT 481: Alternative Academic Careers for English Majors
LIT 468:
Hypertext and Electronic LiteratureLIT 348: Topics in Film Studies: Zombies in Literature and Film
LIT 348: Topics in Film Studies: The Posthuman
LIT 306: Digital Humanities (online)
LIT 204: Critical Analysis

Georgia Institute of Technology, Writing and Communication (2010 - 2011)

LCC 4702: Undergraduate Research Thesis Writing
English 1102: Multimodal Composition II: "Monstrous Bodies"
English 1102: Multimodal Composition II: "The Dead and the Undead"
English 1101: Multimodal Composition I: "The Haptic Interface"

Colorado Community Colleges Online, English (2007 - 2011)

English 121: English Composition I (online)
English 122: English Composition II (online)

University of Colorado Boulder, Film Studies (1999 - 2011)

Film 4004: Film Theory
Film 1502: Introduction to Film Studies
Film 1002: Film Analysis (online)

University of Colorado Boulder, Writing and Rhetoric (2008-2010)

Writing 3020: Topics in Writing, “Queer Rhetorics”
Writing 3020: Topics in Writing, “Issues in Higher Education”
Writing 1150: First Year Writing and Rhetoric

University of Colorado Boulder, English (2001-2008)

English 3060: Modern and Contemporary Literature and Film
English 3000: Virtual Shakespeare (online and on-ground)
English 2707: Introduction to LGBT Literature
English 1600: Masterpieces of American Literature
English 1260: Introduction to Women’s Literature
English 1001: Freshman Composition
English Department Graduate Teacher Pedagogy Seminar