Twitter Pedagogy in 140 Characters or Less

I’m presenting a workshop on teaching with Twitter at the Sloan Consortium Emerging Technologies for Online Learning (#et4online) conference this morning. We’ll be playing around on the session hashtag (#et4online63931). My title of this post, “Twitter Pedagogy in 140 Characters or Less,” is not meant to suggest that I can summarize Twitter pedagogy in 140 characters or less, nor am I going to even attempt that here. Pedagogy is not reducible to 140 characters. Pedagogy is, in fact, not reducible. However, it can (and does) happen in spaces as small as 140 characters. Pedagogy is praxis so it looks to the larger philosophical implications of teaching but begins at the level of practice in the smallest maneuvers — the smallest gestures. What we ask to be called. Where we sit in a classroom. The online platforms we decide to use. The first word of our syllabus. A single tweet.

I’m here collecting some materials I’ve created about teaching with Twitter:

A handy-dandy guide to getting started on Twitter (

An article from Hybrid Pedagogy: The Twitter Essay

A Storify about Teaching with Twitter including details about a Twitter fishbowl activity and more info. about The Twitter Essay

Another article from Hybrid Pedagogy about using twitter for Promoting Open Access Publications and Academic Projects


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Jesse Stommel

Jesse Stommel

Jesse Stommel is faculty at University of Denver and founder of Hybrid Pedagogy. He teaches pedagogy, digital studies, and composition. He spends most of his time with his badass daughter, Hazel.

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